Cycling has always been my greatest passion, then when I got knocked off my bike, injuring my right knee and shoulder I was devastated.

Not only did this accident permanently put me out of work, but it took away my ability to cycle.

After contacting I was not only given legal advice, but I was examined and treated by some of the leading surgeons in the country. I was also given support with the impact that losing my career and ability to cycle had on my mentality.

I am now glad to say that thanks to I am now enjoying early retirement. I’m even able to get back out on my new hybrid/electric bike, which is just as good as any other road bike I have owned. The only difference is this bike has an advanced pedal assist drive system, which gives my knee the correct support needed to keep me out on the road.

I had never heard of these road bikes until I went through this process with It’s a great example of the personal service I received following my accident. I always felt they would go the extra mile to make sure I had the correct advice and support to ensure my life was rebuilt regardless of the compensation.whether your case is suitable to be transferred.

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