It is therefore no surprise that the number of claims whilst being on a cycle have increased dramatically.

It is more common that with cycling injuries come significant time of work and loss of earnings so regardless of whether your accident has occurred with a motorist or as a result of a pothole we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

We will also recover as part of your cycling accident claim any other items of damage such as damaged cycle, helmet, clothing and this will not form part of the success fee deduction in respect of our legal fees.

If you are interested in instructing MJW Law please contact us on 0333 456 6611 and ask to speak to one of the team who will guide you through the initial process.

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One of our experts will be at hand for a free initial consultation. We will understand your incident and work out if you have grounds to claim.

Your claim is evaluated.

If you decide that you want us to take your case, we’ll evaluate your claim and gather evidence to support your claims.

We negotiate your claim.

We’ll always aim to settle claims out of court by getting the person responsible to accept fault for any injuries or damages. However, if we need to go to court, we’ll support you throughout the process and make sure the claim is resolved swiftly and with the most positive outcome in your favour.

Frequently Asked Questions For Cycling Claims

What can I claim after a cycling accident?

If you or any of your equipment is damaged in an accident you will not only be able to claim for your injury but also to replace the damaged equipment.

We fully understand that sometimes the extra gear can add up to more than the bike itself and you will not want to settle for less. If you cannot work and do not get paid as a result you can claim your lost earnings.

What if I think I might be jointly at fault for a cycling accident?

Liability isn’t all or nothing.

Sometimes an accident can be caused by both parties and not necessarily with equal liability. We can help you asses to what extent you may be at fault and still pursue a claim against the person who was primarily liable.

How much will it cost me to claim for a cycling accident?

We take all claims on under Conditional Fee Agreements (“no win, no fee”).

That means you don’t have to pay the cost of bringing the claim. There is however a success fee to be deducted from any damages; this is only if the claim is successful and will be explained in full before anything happens.

Will I have to go to Court for a Cycling Accident Claim?

Most probably not.

Most claims can be resolved without legal action. Of the ones that do require legal action only a small percentage, approximately 5%, will ever involve stepping foot inside a Courtroom.

It’s my word against theirs, how can I prove fault in a Cycling Accident?

Just because there are no independent witnesses this does not mean you won’t be able to prove your claim.

The evidential burden of proof is on the balance of probabilities. In short, just be truthful and the rest should fall into place.

How long will a cycling accident claim take?

This really depends on the complexity, but most claims can be resolved in a matter of months.

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