For most people, it can be quite daunting to make a claim for an accident at work, as it’s something that isn’t a usual occurrence in everyday life. However, making a claim is much easier than most people think, and instructing law firm can take a lot of the stress and burden away from you.

As personal injury lawyers, it’s our job to recover the compensation you deserve, while walking you through every step of the process.

There are many reasons why a working environment becomes unsafe, such as:

  • – Insufficient training (resulting in poor techniques or bad habits)
  • – Cost-saving exercises
  • – Failing to adhere to safe work practices
  • – Unsuitable or damaged work equipment

If your employer’s negligence has caused your accident at work, then you could be entitled to compensation for the injury and losses incurred.

Some of the most common personal injury claims in the workplace are:

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As experts in personal injuries and employer liability, through talking to us, we can determine whether they can take your case on and act for you on a No win, No fee basis.

Your claim is evaluated.

When evaluating your claim, we’ll need to gather evidence to prove that your employer has breached their duty of care or was negligent in their duties as an employer.

We negotiate your claim.

Once we’ve gathered evidence on your claim, we can prepare your case for the best chance of success, whether the claim is dealt with inside or outside of court.

Frequently Asked Questions For Employers Liability

What type of workplace accident can I claim for?

There are many different workplace accidents you could be involved in, ranging from the very minor to the more serious. Some of the most common include slips, trips and falls, as well as accidents involving machinery or flawed working practices.

What happens if my employer denies liability?

This does not mean your case will automatically fail – we will do everything we can to obtain evidence to support your case and increase the chances of you recovering compensation.

If I still work for my employer, can I still make an employers liability claim?

You are entitled to bring a compensation claim, and your employer cannot dismiss you because of this. Your employer is legally required to have insurance to cover these sorts of claims.

Do I have to pay to make an employers liability claim?

We act for clients on a “No win, No fee” basis and as long as you follow our advice, and don’t mislead or exaggerate any aspect of your case, then you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket. If there is a risk that you may have to pay something from your compensation, we would tell you in advance.

What damages could I receive?

The amount of compensation you receive will be based on the medical evidence we obtain and the number of financial losses you have incurred. We have acted for clients where compensation has ranged from £1,000 to £100,000. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to try to recover as much compensation as possible for you.

What if my employer has gone bankrupt?

Even if the company is no longer in business, you can gain compensation as long as your employer was insured at the time of the incident, as the worker compensation insurance policy will still cover the claim.

I am employed as an agency worker; can I still claim?

Yes, you are entitled to make a claim no matter whether you are full-time, part-time, self-employed or an agency worker.

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