As Sports Law specialists, we have been instructed in claims relating to intellectual property, branding and sponsorship, regulation and disciplinary actions and more commonly, sports injury claims.

At MJW Law, our strength lies in having knowledge and experience in both the legal and commercial perspective of the sports industry. We are specialists in sports law surrounding Football, whether it’s employment rights, breach of contract or related to an injury.

In claiming any injury or breach of contract or employment rights, you could access support such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy, while also being able to cover any financial losses, including travel costs and time off work.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Sports Law

If I have a sports injury, how long do I have to make a claim?

You will usually have up to three years to make a claim for any type of injury, so you should claim as soon as possible. It is usually the case that the earlier you decide to claim, the easier it will be to gather evidence to build your case.

Where can a sports injury happen?

As sports are played almost anywhere, injuries and therefore claims can be made from a variety of places. This could be at work, school, private property or even council-owned / public facilities. An injury could also happen due to the place you are playing or training, being maintained poorly. The reasons you could claim for inadequate environment standards include:

  • Bad ground conditions.
  • Faulty equipment.
  • Incorrect or lack of protective equipment provided.
  • Obstacles that haven’t been cleared away.

How do I know who to claim against for a sports injury?

It may not always be clear who is at fault for your injury. However, when you instruct MJW Law on your claim, we’ll assist you in working out who’s responsible for your injuries, and firstly contact this party to see if they will admit fault.

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